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The following citations include references to some of the most important medical and scientific publications about Bloom syndrome. Direct links provided for journal articles and video in the public domain and to abstracts for fee-based publications. Links to print sources and publisher websites also provided.

See, also, General Publications.

Note: for free, full-text access to many of the fee-based publications listed below, please sign in or... become a member.

Health supervision for people with Bloom syndrome. Cunniff, C., Djavid, A.R., Carrubba, S., Cohen B., Ellis, N.A., Levy, C.F., Jeong, S., Lederman, H.M., Vogiatzi, M., Walsh, M.F., Zauber, A.G. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A 1-10, 2018.

 Mutations in TOP3A Cause a Bloom Syndrome-like Disorder. , Martin, C.A, Sarlos, K., Logan, C.V., Thakur, R.S., Parry, D.A, Bizard, A.H., Leitch, A., Cleal, L., Ali, N.S., Al-Owain, M.A., Allen, W., Altmuler, J., Aza-Carmona, M., Barakat, B.A.Y., Barraza-Garcıa, J., Begtrup, A., Bogliolo, M., Cho, M.T., Cruz-Rojo, J., Dhahrabi, H.A.M., Elcioglu, N.H., GOSgene, Gorman, G.S., Jobling, R., Kesterton, I., Kishita, Y., Kohda, M., Stabej, P.Q., Malallah, A.J., Nurnberg, P., Ohtake, A., Okazaki, Y., Pujol, R., Ramirez, M.J., Revah-Politi, A., Shimura, M., Stevens, P., Taylor, R.W., Turner, L., Williams, H., Wilson, C., Yigit, G., Zahavich, L., Alkuraya, F.S., Surralles, J., Iglesais, A., Murayama, K. American Journal of Human Genetics 103, 221–231, 2018.

 Bloom syndrome: research and data priorities for the development of precision medicine as identified by some affected families. Campbell, M.B., Campbell, W.C., Rogers, J., Rogers, N., Rogers, Z., Hurk A.M., Webb, A., Webb, T., Zaslaw, P. Molecular Case Studies 10.1101/mcs.a002816, 2018.

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 Bloom syndrome does not always present with sun-sensitive facial erythema. Bouman, A., van Koningsbruggen, S., Karakullukcu, M.B., Schreuder, W.H., Lakeman, P. European Journal of Medical Genetics pii: S1769-7212 (17)30478-0, 2017.

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 First Two Cases of Bloom Syndrome in Russia: Lack of Skin Manifestations in a BLM c.1642C>T (p.Q548X) Homozygote as a Likely Cause of Underdiagnosis. Suspitsina, E.N., Sibgatullinaf, F.I., Lyazinac, L.V., Imyanitova, E.N. Molecular Syndromology 8:103–106, 2017.

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